"Mini" series devices for automation, remote control and data collection.

"Mini-On" module


Improved version of "Mini-Monster". Compact, reliable, multi-functional Ethernet module with wide range of applications.

  • input voltage 5-26 Vdc
  • reliable autonomous web-server
  • screw terminals
  • DHCP IP auto-setup
  • sending data to "cloud"
  • 6 universal inputs/outputs
  • up to 16 ds18b20 temperature sensors
  • 6 thermostats, 1 humidistat
  • sensor support: humidity, pressure, light, dust, СО2
  • IO scripting logic
  • 6 ping/http watchdogs
  • 2 16bit PWM channels
  • direct relay connection adapter
  • compact size and ease of installation

Grayed functions will be available in v2.0 firmware (upgrade is free)

Temperature measurement device "Mini-Fi"


Ready to use. just plug it into wall socket, make Wi-Fi settings and begin to collect temperature and humidity* data.

This device can send collected data to "cloud" services, mqtt etc


  • simple installation
  • autonomous web-server
  • make all settings with your smart-phone
  • sensor's wire length 10/100 См
  • measures t. -55 to 125 C
  • supports narodmon.ru,
    wunderground, thingspeak, flymon

"Mini-Monster" module


"Mini-Monster" module. Supports Ethernet network. You can use MM to turn ON and OFF any loads, measure and collect temperature and humidity levels. Also there is possibility to monitor and reboot Ethernet devices.

Pre-orders from 5 modules only! (2-3 weeks)

  • input voltage range 5-26 V
  • reliable autonomous web-server
  • 6 universal inputs/outputs
  • up to 16 ds18b20 temperature sensors
  • DHT22 humidity sensor support
  • thermostat and humidistat
  • 6 ping watchdogs
  • direct relay connection adapter
  • compact size, easy to embed