"Mini-Monster" module. Supports Ethernet network. You can use MM to turn ON and OFF any loads, measure and collect temperature and humidity levels. Also there is possibility to monitor and reboot Ethernet devices.


  • input voltage range 5-26 V
  • reliable autonomous web-server
  • 6 universal inputs/outputs
  • up to 16 ds18b20 temperature sensors
  • DHT22 humidity sensor support
  • thermostat and humidistat
  • 6 ping watchdogs
  • direct relay connection adapter
  • compact size, easy to embed


"Mini-Fi" - environment measuring module.

It's not necessary to study electronics and solder anything.  Just plug it in to your wall socket, make Wi-Fi settings and start to measure temperature and humidity. MF sends the data to the cloud.


  • easy to setup
  • autonomous web-server
  • make all settings with your smart-phone
  • sensor's cable length 10/100 cm
  • temperature measure range -55 - 125 C
  • also humidity and pressure*
  • supports cloud and MQTT
  • free cloud service*
  • expandable firmware


* - planed

About "Mini-Monster"




Module to Module

Relay and PWM

Data output

"Mini-Monster" can automatically control heating/cooling equipment to maintain stable temperature level (thermostat function).


For example it can turn ON the boiler when it gets too cold and vice-versa. Of course you can set thermostat's parameters over LAN and Internet.


It's possible to connect up to 6 temperature sensors in "thermostat" mode OR up to 16 sensors in "measure" mode.


"Mini-Monster" supports DHT-22 temperature and humidity sensor.


You can use it to automate and control humidifying or dehumidifying of living rooms, bathrooms, farm incubators etc.


It's possible to connect one DHT-22 sensor and up to 4 additional temperature sensors in thermostat mode.


Ethernet Watchdog is a monitoring of any

host in the network that responds to ping command. "Mini-Monster" pings the host

and pulse it's power or reset switch if it

didn't answer.


It can help to avoid downtime of servers,

LAN cameras, cryptocurrency mining rigs etc.


Watchdog function can be fine tuned to achieve appropriate timings and delays for any kind of equipment.

With "Mini-Monster" you can have temperature sensor or switch and corresponding relay on opposite sides of LAN(WAN).


"Server" function allows to control one

Mini-Monster from another. It's only necessary to have a "real" IP on the one module.


It only works with pair of "Mini-Monsters"

Each "Mini-Monster" has 6 universal Inputs/Outputs and 2 16bit PWM with adjustable frequency and TOP. Each output has "reset" function that makes an impulse with desired length in seconds.


You can connect some relay module with integrated transistor to MM's Output and some dry contact or switch to the Input.


PWM can be used to change the brightness of LED lamps, FAN's speed or control the servos.


Also you can buy DRCA adapter which allows to connect 4 usual relays directly, without any additional parts. Also DRCA allows co connect MM's Output to the PC's motherboard so you can power-on and reset your PC.

"Mini-Monster" can be successfully integrated to the most of the systems thanks to SNMP and JSON support.



Monster on-line

Here you can control Mini-Monster 32 who is living in a box and waiting to be bought :)

Settings like ip, mac and password do not change real ones. Some settings are self resetting in On-Line version.

Shades can be controlled with PWM function.

Live Stream