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By Lisa Schwimmer Marier

Each publication positive factors one zero one educating principles concerning the topic of its name. actions span a number of curriculum components together with math, language improvement, technological know-how, paintings, song and extra

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Have they ever written and sent a letter to anyone? Who? Invite children to write letters to themselves or someone in their home. Emphasize that the word, letter, begins with the letter l. Give each child a sheet of writing paper. With the aid of parent volunteers, help each child write a letter. Children can draw pictures or combine writing letters and pictures for their letters. Provide envelopes and stamps and help children address their letters and stamp them. If possible, walk as a group to a mailbox or the post office to mail your letters.

Then children can watch their “walkway” disappear. For younger children: Ask children where they walk (at home, to school, at the store, in the park). Emphasize that the word walk begins with the letter w. Then invite children to make up silly walks. Have children stand in line. You can start this activity by doing a silly walk of your own. Then the children can follow you, making up their own silly walks. Put on music and walk at the pace of each song. Play a variety of fast and slow songs. ©© School Specialty Publishing McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing 49 1-57029-485-2 101 Alphabet Activities Music and Movement 56 BODY LETTER SHAPES Materials Music (optional) Activity Invite children to make letter shapes with their bodies!

Add more objects as you go along, if appropriate for your group. Extension: To extend learning, invite children to count other h words in the room. Children can count hats, hands, hearts, heads, and so on. Keep a tally on the board. Use this activity with other letters, as well. ©© School Specialty Publishing McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing 34 1-57029-485-2 101 Alphabet Activities Math 37 SECRET LETTERS Materials White construction or drawing paper White crayons Tempera paint (thinned with water) Paintbrushes Activity On each sheet of paper, write one letter a number of times with a white crayon.

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