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By Bill McGuire

Hundreds of thousands of individuals die each year from floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons. but in comparison to what the Earth continued in prehistoric times-lethal volcanic winters, lethal asteroid collisions-our civilization has built opposed to a backdrop of relative geological calm. Will this calm final? a quick consultant to the tip of the area appears on the frightful clients that look ahead to us within the twenty first century and past. invoice McGuire, a number one specialist within the box of geological risks, admits that the omens are lower than encouraging. merely 10,000 years after the final Ice Age, the Earth is sweltering in many of the optimum temperatures it has ever visible. Overpopulation and the relentless exploitation of typical assets, mixed with emerging temperatures and sea degrees precipitated by way of greenhouse gases, are expanding the chance of typical catastrophes, from carrying on with El Ninos, to large-scale glacial melting, to mega-tsunami. much more irritating is the close to walk in the park that we're headed towards one other asteroid or comet collision at the scale of the one who burnt up the dinosaurs. during this provocative and immensely readable guidebook, McGuire discusses whilst those catastrophic occasions are inclined to happen, how they are going to influence our worldwide society, and what we will be able to do to extend our possibilities of survival--from emissions rate reductions, to giant geo-engineering schemes, to the colonization of area. Illustrated with photos and diagrams, and subsidized by means of meticulous learn, a quick consultant to the top of the area sheds new mild at the terribly vulnerability of our planet, and on our potential to resist the dramatic alterations mom Nature has in shop for us within the distant--or no longer so distant--future.

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The p a t global warming experiment We know from studies of polar ice cores that before the hiss of steam and grinding of metal on metal that heralded the arrival of the industrial world, the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere had been pretty much constant since the glaciers retreated at the end of the last Ice Age. Since pre-industrial times, however, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have risen by 30 per cent, alongside sharp increases in other greenhouse gases, in particular methane and nitrous oxide.

Mumbai 3. Lagos 4. Sao Paulo 5. Dhaka 6. Karachi 7. Mexico City 8. Shanghai 9. New York 10. Calcutta Source: Munich Reinsurance 1999 The picture I have painted is certainly bleak, but the reality may be even worse. Future rises in population and vulnerability will take place against a background of dramatic climate change, the like of which the planet has not experienced for maybe 10,000 years. The jury remains out on the precise hazard implications of the rapid warming expected over the next hundred years, but rises in sea level that may exceed 8 0 centimetres are forecast in the most recent (2001) report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

Every year around 50 volcanoes erupt, some of which-like Kilauea on Hawaii or Stromboli in Italy-are almost constantly active. Others, however, may have been quiet for centuries or in some cases A VERY S H O R T INTRODUCTION T O T H E EARTH millennia and these tend to be the most destructive. The most violent volcanoes occur at destructive plate margins, where one plate is consuming another. Their outbursts rarely produce quiet flows of red lava and are more likely to blast enormous columns of ash and debris 20 kilometres or more into the atmosphere.

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