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By Robert A. Caper

This number of papers, written during the last six years by means of Robert Caper, specializes in the significance of distinguishing self from item in mental development.

Robert Caper demonstrates the significance this mental disentanglement performs within the healing influence of psychoanalysis.

In doing so he demonstrates what differentiates the perform of psychoanalysis from psychotherapy; whereas psychotherapy goals to ease the sufferer in the direction of "good psychological overall healthiness" via cautious advice; psychoanalysis permits the sufferer to find him/herself, with the self totally uncommon from other folks and different objects.

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The infant expects her to attend not only to all his needs, but also craves for signs of her love whenever he experiences anxiety. This longing for reassurance is a vital factor in the analytic situation and we must not underrate its importance in our patients, adults and children alike. We find that though their conscious, and often unconscious, purpose is to be analysed, the patient’s strong desire to receive evidence of love and appreciation from the analyst, and thus to be reassured, is never completely given up…the analyst who is aware of this will analyse the infantile roots of such wishes; otherwise, in identification with the patient, the early need for reassurance may strongly influence his counter-transference and therefore his technique.

This was clearly a substantial technical improvement, and one that brought obvious and justified relief to both patient and analyst. But now Kohut, having abandoned a technique that unintentionally encouraged the patient to split off something bad into his analyst, began to encourage the patient to do the same thing with his mother. He took at face value the patient’s assertions that his psychopathology must have stemmed entirely from his mother’s destructive frustration of his healthy attempts to develop.

This commits the therapist to a pretense which is not provisional, not a tactic that is part of an overall strategy of establishing the truth eventually, but is an essential part of the treatment. The strain of maintaining such a treatment may not be too great with a few patients or with patients who are not very disturbed. But it can be very great with large number of patients or with seriously disturbed ones, and its price is measured in terms of a certain amount of violence the therapist must do to his own sense of truth and of doing something real.

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