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By Henri Godard

« Céline est un grand écrivain, mais ce n'est pas un écrivain comme les autres. Il m'arrive aujourd'hui encore, en lisant un des "contre-Céline" qui se publient périodiquement, de me demander remark j'ai pu consacrer tant d'années à éditer et à explorer l'œuvre d'un auteur aussi controversé et, en effet, aussi problématique... »

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They also include “the concepts of life, organism, function, instantaneous reality, interaction,” and the “order of nature,” concepts that, as Whitehead believed, are manifest in “the things which lie around us,” the simple immediate facts “that are the topic of interest” of poetry. Investigating these sorts of concepts and orders, he said, would allow us to locate a domain falling outside the purview of “reductive” science. It would give us a way to keep our mental and moral lives sounding legitimate, and preserve some space that causal description could not soil.

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