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By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength Hostage

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She fumbled to grasp the bolt and slide it across, but she was trying too hard and her fingers kept slipping. The man was on the platform now. Two strides and he would be at the door. Papaluk whimpered in fear and frustration. She finally managed to get a firm grip on the bolt handle. With a sigh of relief, she yanked hard. The bolt was stiff with disuse and refused to move. The man ran at the door and rammed it with his shoulder. It smashed open and knocked her sprawling. She scrambled to her feet, grabbed the heavy microscope from her workbench and raised it above her head, preparing to hit the intruder.

Hex was a master hacker and code-breaker and Amber was their navigation expert. Alpha Force had been working as an undercover unit for two years now, meeting up regularly for missions or training sessions. This time, the team had gathered in northern Canada for an exercise in cold-climate survival, and that was partly why Amber found it difficult to stop smiling. She was at her happiest when they were all together. Although she would never dream of telling the others, the fact was that Alpha Force, and Hex in particular, were now the people she loved most in the world.

He started the engine and eased the big vehicle into gear. Slowly, the tundra buggy lumbered off over the rocky ground, heading for Papaluk's observation cabin on the other side of the headland. FOUR In the cabin, Papaluk sat at her workbench, checking through the e-mail that she was about to send. Her laptop was surrounded by an untidy jumble of scientific equipment, scribbled research notes and dirty crockery. In the ten years since she had graduated, she had worked in exotic locations all over the world, but when she was offered this research post just below the Arctic Circle in the far north of Canada, she had jumped at the chance.

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