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By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength Survival

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Heather stepped back to take all five of them in with one glare, then she moved along the line, handing each of them a pencil and a pad of paper. 'You will each report to me first thing in the morning, with an essay on the meaning of team spirit. Until then, I do not want to see any of you. So, you will not, repeat not, watch tonight's film and you will not eat dinner in the mess with the rest of the crew. ' Heather began to walk away. Just before she left the deck, she turned back to give them all one last glare.

No need,' said Paulo. ' asked Alex, feeling his heart sink. 'Boots,' said Paulo. ' repeated Li. 'No air-horn? ' 'Our boots and socks,' explained Paulo. ' 'The dirty ones Heather told you to clean,' said Alex. Paulo looked stricken. 'I did not want to clean them. ' Everyone groaned and slumped back in the boat. 'Sorry,' whispered Paulo. ' No-one answered. The creaking of the boat seemed loud in the growing silence. Alex looked around at the other four. He could see that this small set-back had cancelled out the boost in morale he had managed to achieve.

For two gruelling weeks in December, he had felled Christmas trees non-stop until there were blisters the size of saucers on his palms. Now, Alex grimaced again, remembering how hard he had worked to get here. At the start of the voyage, when the crew all came together, he had been full of excitement. It was a truly international crew. There were twenty of them, from all over the world. Alex had particularly liked a friendly Nigerian boy called Samuel and Kathe, a German girl with a beautiful smile, but, when the four Watches were chosen, they had all been put into different Watches.

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