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By K. Mani Chandy;Chandy;Stephen Taylor

Computing device technological know-how

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There are actually two: They correspond to the presence or absence of x in the input list. The metric, as in our previous examples, is the length of the input list. Either the length decreases to zero, indicating that x is not in the input list, or it decreases to a point where x is found. In either case, the program progresses toward termination. 8 that uses nested choice. If the input list Ls is empty, then x is not an element and the result is false as before (1). If Ls is not empty, then another choice is made (2).

Draw the tree for {1,2,3,X}, {{{1,{2},3},X}}, and {{1,{2},3,X},{1,X}}. 3. Write a deterministic minimum program that, when given two inputs, always picks a specific implication. 4. Write a program area(r,a) that computes circle area a using radius r. 5. Write a program bound(b,w,x,y,z,res) that accepts five numbers as input and defines res to be the maximum value among w, x, y and z that is less than bound b. 6. Write a program AND(x,y,z) that accepts two integers x and y; these may be either zero or one.

This book provides a blend of both practical programming techniques and formal theory. Our goal is to reach students within a wide range of computing and mathematical skills; we are particularly concerned with students who have been exposed to sequential programming but have not encountered parallel programming or perceived the need for formal methods. This goal has led to some decisions concerning the presentation of the material. First, we assume that our readers have had a minimal exposure to the ideas of sequential programming.

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